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jbamberg wrote:

techno wrote:


Can I plug it there? I only need my monitors and my Magni 3 headphone amp. I don’t play any instruments, it’s to be used as an effects procesor for VSTi’s all in the box. I would like to automate the h9000 as if it was an VST plugin. Am I lacking connections with the UR24C?

It looks like the UR24C doesn’t have any digital IO.  Are you using a Mac or Windows PC?  If it’s a Mac, it should be possible to use a CoreAudio aggregate device, giving you 16 channels of IO to the H9000. 


Im running Windows 10. So what do I need that is similar to UR24C? I was told I didn’t even need it because the h9000 is a DAC it inself and I could just plug it with USB on the PC and then plug the Magni 3 there on the h9000 or something