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jbamberg wrote:

techno wrote:

Im running Windows 10. So what do I need that is similar to UR24C? I was told I didn’t even need it because the h9000 is a DAC it inself and I could just plug it with USB on the PC and then plug the Magni 3 there on the h9000 or something

Yes, the H9000 is a DAC in itself and the analog performance is very good.  However, it doesn’t (yet) have gain control over the analog IO, so you would need to plug it into a mixer or something else with analog gain controls.  We are going to add internal gain controls in a future update to make it more easy to use as an audio interface.

You could connect two of the analog outputs to the Magni 3 and two of them to your monitors via a monitor controller that would allow you to adjust the volume.  Note that the H9000 outputs are balanced.  You would need to make sure to get the right cables.



My monitors have its own volume knows luckily, but its still better to have a knob that controls both at the same time.. I can’t use the UR24 as a knob for the monitors? if not then I would need to route it throught something like Swissonic M-Control?