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plikestechno wrote:
Hey everyone. Trying to get sound moving around with dante and eventide as my soundcard for my computer and am having problems. At first, i followed the dante instructions for routing. In dante controller, I sent the first 4 transmits from the computer to the 4 receives on the eventide and the first 4 receives on the computer to the first four transmits on the eventide. You cant send the wrong thing to each other in dante controller so the problem cant be there. In the eventide in direct connection i sent two channels from analog to dante A and then two channels from dante A to analog. So i could have a stereo pair of records and monitor playback from cubase. This seemed to just work when using adat or usb but doesnt seem to work for me with dante. The first thing i noticed when opening cubase 10 is that i got terrible digital feedback until either i severed the connection in direct connection or unsubscribed the transmit from the eventide to the receive of the computer. I had dante rx 1 and 2 and dante tx 1 and 2 as stereo ins and outs in cubase and got feedback as i said until i made the disconnect listed above. What should i be doing to use the eventide and its dante card to get sound in and out of my computer properly? What ive done so far doesnt seem to be working. I feel like an idiot because in a lot of videos online, dante seems easy to setup and just work.

It sounds like you're configuring it correctly.  Is it possible there's a feedback loop within your Cubase session somehow?  We'll try to replicate your setup.