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Eventide Staff
dcyrill wrote:

Thanks for the video on H9000 FX Chain Feature.

My question is how your guitar signal chain is implemented? Would it be possible to share a simple diagram of your system?

Is it Guitar > Amp > FX Loop > H9000 > Interface > DAW?

thank you


Hey Dave! 

Thank you so much, I'm glad you liked it! There are more coming soon:) 

Anyway, my signalflow is pretty simple! I am going:


I then have the H9000 also routed to my interface so:

H9000>Interface (via Analog)

Once this is all patched, I use run it into Pro Tools and create a track with the Kemper as the input. Once That is all up and running, I patch in the H9000 via a Hardware insert. I usually like to use a aux send but for effects like these (where it totally transforms the sound), I find it also works just directly on the track. 

Hope this helps!