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bohan wrote:

Are you trying to build a expresion pedal on your own?

Why not just get the Mission Engineering SP-H9? It has a built-in footswitch which can be assigned to Toggle Tuner. You don’t need to connect to an extra auxiliary footswitch.

Hi, Bohan,

Thanks for your reply.  Yes, I’m trying to built an expression/footswitch pedal on my own because I don’t need that bulky wah-wah-style pedal and don’t need to operate the expression control like I do on a wah pedal.

Another problem of the built-in switch of SP-H9 is that you should end up setting the pedal to the fully toe-down position whenever you activate the tuner.  I will mostly use the expression control to set the rate of the modulation effect on-the-fly.  So, again, a wah-style pedal is not ideal.