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Thank you for the questions which I answered in advance in my first message…

DbassMasta wrote:

Time Factor > H9 Control = Communication error!

so I try to reinstall the firmware and reset the parameters, the software etc. several times…

I still looked for hours to finally understand that I had to set the Time Factor to MIDI / SYS ID = 1

The problem is that with FactorLib, the Time Factor had to be set to 4 (1 to 3 was for the Mod Factor).

It is for this reason that it worked then no longer worked for me, during my attempts to configure or my resets.

The manual is not explicit about it, it says “This should normally be left at 1.

We cannot guess that the communication problem with the H9 comes from there; especially when English is not our original language.

I suggest you put this point in the FAQ, and / or in the answers you make in the forum.