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joeydego wrote:
If anyone has made this actually work I’d love to hear about it.

I had it working with ASIO4ALL, but there’s additional latency introduced to deal with it related to the sample size chosen. I don’t think the input latency is horrible, but if you’re tracking drums live, against a click track or whatever, you’re going to feel it.  Setup instructions are here.

This additional information won’t be useful if you don’t have Dante, but this is for others that may show up to the thread and have Dante.  I ended up using Dante to get around this.  You can either use DVS or Dante Via to manage it, or skip those all together if you have hardware based Dante devices.  I can effectively aggregate up to 64 channels through Dante in real-time using Dante Controller to manage what goes where.  My H9000R has a Dante card.  From there I can send data from and to anywhere based on analog or digital internal routing of the H9000R, like a highly capable electronic patchbay.  Now, that I have the MTRX Studio connected up though, I can really route audio anywhere, with super low latency.  Right now I’m seeing about 375usec of delay from any source to any destination through Dante.  I have 8 receiver and transmitter devices (Mic Pre’s, Headphone Amps, ADAT In and Out, ~138 I/O’s) that use Dante and the entire setup is managed via Emote, Dante Controller and DaDMan software.  It’s incredibly flexible and since the H9000 series has Dante, it’s pretty tough to beat.