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I don’t understand the “random network settings” point. Typically a device will get the same DHCP address from the server each time, unless there is another device already assigned the address. However, most routers will allow you to reserve an address for a device based on its MAC address and then assign the same IP address every time. That means you can leave the H9000R in DHCP mode but it will always get the same IP address. Would this type of config solve your problems?

Personally, I have my H9000 connected via Ethernet to the same network switch as my studio Mac. Both are on the same LAN and get IP addresses from the same DHCP server. I believe Emote uses a Bonjour service discovery protocol to find the H9000, so it shouldn’t really matter what IP address it has as long as the protocol can do its job on your network. I wouldn’t trust Wifi for this type of activity, but perhaps it’s working for others.