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cyborgssc wrote:

Typically a device will get the same DHCP address from the server each time…

My studio is an airgapped network and doesn’t allow any external network traffic and as such doesn’t have internet or a DHCP server. I too keep my H9000 connected to the same switch as the main PC. There are three VLANs on the switch that connects the H9000 and the PC. VLANs for management traffic, Dante and storage. Each VLAN is set to only allow traffic on a given port to a particular VLAN. The management port for the H9000 is set to the subnet. The Dante ports are set to subnets. Unfortunately, Bonjour prefers the 169.253 subnet and when a reboot happens it resets the management port to use that subnet. So, it should be easy to see how this is a problem. Main PC can’t reach a management port on 169.253, when it’s only allowed to communicate on the 10.0 subnet. So, when that happens I try to connect via the H9000 AP. The default subnet for the H9000 AP is This is also the same as the rest of the management ports. So, I have to shutdown all 10.0 ports and try to connect to the H9000 AP. Most of the time the H9000 AP fails to connect or Emote crashes. Then, I end up bring in a non-studio laptop to try to connect Emote to the H9000 over the Access Point. Depending on whatever state it’s in, it will work. Sometimes, while trying to configure the network in Emote, the config will update before I’m done configuring all of the settings, since there’s no submit button. Then, I’m left in a state where the management port information is in an in between state, like right IP, wrong subnet mask. There is no default gateway, since there’s no Internet and the entire network is managed at layer 2 only.

If I had a front panel, I could see the network settings and set them appropriately. Right now, it’s a giant hassle.