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nickrose wrote:

Normally at this point I would chide you gently for not reading the User Manual. But, to be fair, it is not quite as clear as it could be.

Hehe, yeah I did read the manual in this area, multiple times as well as other sections.  It was not obvious that you could hold the button for these types of params to get to the ‘modulate’ option.  It makes sense now though.

nickrose wrote:

Look at Patching a Parameter to the Modulation Block’s “Modules” on page 40. it does not say so, but this approach can be used to remote almost any parameter on the unit.

To do what you want, go to LEVELS and press and hold the soft key under “wet/dry” until you see “< MODULATE”.

Then press <MODULATE> to get to the modulation screen.

Turn the wheel to scroll through the controller options. Select “ext1” – unless this has been changed this will be driven by pedal 1

Then if you plug a momentary foot switch into the pedal 1 jack, you will get full wet with the switch released, and full dry (bypassed) when it is pressed.

This works perfectly, thanks! 

I’m very curious as to why assigning say, external controller 1 which is my momentary footswitch, behaves as a latching switch when applied to FXA bypass, global bypass (bypass actually seemed like a tri state, wet, bypass, and no audio at all), etc.  Is that due to those being an on/off type of thing, and global wet/dry is 2 different values?