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I have a manual for my 1745M. I purchased it direct, through Eventide. It has a schematic bound in its pages. There is no direct info on the Pitch Change function. I recently purchased a Samson*MDR1064 and have interfaced the 1745M through it. I had a custom-made combiner cable made for it ( LR into 1/4”, with the + and – wires reversed to match the modern wiring of the mixing board. I was getting a wicked phase inversion hum before having the + and – wires flipped!). The cable sends all 4 output XLR’s signals simultaneously into an Aux (Left/Mono) Return 1/4” jack on the mixing board. Another custom-made cable sends the 1745M’s input XLR signal into the mixing board’s Aux Send 1/4” jack. The sounds I’m getting are amazing. I’m having a problem isolating each output’s signal individually, though. Do I have to give eqch channel on the 1745M its own channel on the mixing board? Also, with the Pitch Change module, I’m not getting the 1-2 octave range promised in the specs in the manual. How can I accomplish this? I’m so psyched that I was finally able to revive my 1745M! Now I just need some finepoint instruction on how to bring out its uniquenesses! Thank-you SO very much, Mr. Factor!

Caldwell, NJ