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John Baylies

mapping algorithm parameters to MIDI Control Change messages is currently available on the H9000R, but scenes functionality is not yet available for the H9000R. I apologise for not having a timelime for that.

slowaudio, check page 45 of the H9000 manual to learn more about scenes functionality to decide if you immediately require it or not: https://downloads.eventide.com/audio/manuals/h9000/H9000UsersManual.pdf

If you can choose 16 algorithms to use for one live performance, then the H9000R can suit your needs for now, but it may require lots of creative MIDI CC mappings.

If you require more than 16 algorithms for one live performance, it can currently be done on the H9000 with scenes, but it's currently only possible on the H9000R by clicking and dragging in Emote.