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Thanks, all, for your quick responses here. Let’s see if I have this right…

joeydego wrote:

Don’t see why this wouldn’t work but you’re asking for trouble. At least have a laptop handy in case


John Baylies wrote:

‘Mode 2’ is quite doable. The H9000R will automatically load the entirety of the session it was running when it was last powered down, including MIDI mappings, on startup.

This is great news. This, in part, describes exactly the functionality I’m looking for.

J20056 wrote:

I am unable to use the unit with a MIDI controller to switch presets, which maybe done by switching Scenes. The Emote software doesn’t have Scenes capability yet so neither does the H9KR since no front panel.

Yikes.. so I take this to mean the H9KR practically does not have Scenes yet. Even though the manual says this:


You can control Scene changes from the front panel, but usually it will be more convenient to do so from a MIDI controller.

The manual clearly explains Scenes role and it seems to me that it would at least be a valuable option for what I want to do, although it is not clear what the experience would be as implemented (and could be another way to do what I want to do – hard to say as I don’t own one yet.)

For example: if I have channels 1+2 going through a chain and on to house sound and 3+4 being monitored ahead of mixing those channels in, can I audition (increment and load) different scenes (chains) channels 3+4, 5+6, and 7+8 are going through, very much ideally via MIDI controller infinite/endless knob or jog wheel, without interrupting what’s going to PA on 1+2. In trying to grasp Scenes while showing more of my cards here it could be that Scenes are not really made for this, but are probably more ideal for, say, song changes on stage or in studio where there is an opportunity to “rewire” the signal path. Hard to say without a unit in front of me.

That said, and if I understand Scenes correctly, it seems there is still a tremendous amount of creative space available to 4 or more stereo channels below a single default/last-loaded Session/Scene.

John Baylies wrote:

mapping algorithm parameters to MIDI Control Change messages is currently available on the H9000R, but scenes functionality is not yet available for the H9000R. I apologise for not having a timelime for that.

Thanks for confirming. It does seem like it would be a useful feature for a lot of people. We’ll look forward to that.

John Baylies wrote:

If you can choose 16 algorithms to use for one live performance, then the H9000R can suit your needs for now, but it may require lots of creative MIDI CC mappings.

If you require more than 16 algorithms for one live performance, it can currently be done on the H9000 with scenes, but it’s currently only possible on the H9000R by clicking and dragging in Emote.

If I can trust you’re working on the full-power-of-this-beast solution I think this would be well more than enough for the time being. Constraints act as a forcing function on creativity and there will be so much to learn within them once I pull the trigger on one of these later this month.

Thanks, all, again for your responses.