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Sorry for resurrecting old thread. I have not find any specs on the Eventide site, forums, or anywhere else, where the different max and minimum settings are for the different algorithms that comes with the H9 Max. For example I wonder what is the greatest millisecond delay setting available in h910/h949 algo for the H9. Impossible to find it, but there are screen dumps and PLUS signs you can press to the moon and back but no such spec sheets are nil.

I wonder if it’s possible to create a mimick of the old MXR pitch transposer, that has an octave pitch at 500 ms but for each consecutive repeat, it jumps an octave up, to vanish above hearing range (or really the limits of the DA converter). I remember back in the 80s that a demo of MXR (the blue rackmount stuff) in a music shop could produce this without glitch and artifacts, and I thought it was quite fun/neat. I have downloaded all demos of the software plugins available but not being able to hear anything exactly like this.

Alas, there is a short tune by old stalwart fusion guitarist Wayne Johnson from the 80s on his album “Everybody’s painting pictures” that’s called “Glis”. An electric guitar solo of 2 minutes where he demonstrates that delay pitch. But it isn’t on Spotify, iTunes, or even “illegaly” on YouTube. Or anywhere else. If you may find it, you’ll immediately hear the idea. Technically and algorithmically, it’s no big deal these days, to produce something like that.

Any ideas?