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Exact same problem here… It drives me crazy!!!! It was working for a while at 44.1KHz but now that I need to work at 48KHz it just doesn’t want to sync. Here is a description of my setup: Master clock Apogee Big Ben, everything else is slave, including the H9000. As I already reported a year ago to Eventide, the internal termination of the H9000 does not work, nor does the physical little dongle provided… The Apogee Big Ben activity monitor led on the front panel does not light up for the H9000 (and it does for all the other devices of my studio). To use the H9000 USB has been a nightmare with 44.1KHz but after a few reboots of the H9000, the computer, the audio interface (RME Fireface 800) in all the possible combinations eventually I would get it to work… Not at 48KHz… Which means that I cannot use the H9000 USB, because the audio gets muted due to a “sample rate mismatch”. The H9000 by the way does show that it is locked to the world clock, even though the audio is muted.