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Ok thanks all! Fast replies too. Very much appreciated. 2000ms is two seconds, and that is more than enough. For me. I will try this setting out, thank you.

I only remember way back in the end of 80s beginning 90s there was these half rack BOSS SE-70s which were the only ones that could actually do this too. Sort of. The pitch glitch was still so, so. But the delays stopped at 300 ms, and had these funny idiosyncrasy that …it’s hard to explain but, if you imagine set at 300 ms, it is locked to a certain BPM tempo. But that is set only to the very first repeat, so the distance between the direct, first plucked note to the first repeat was exactly 300 ms, but alas, as it reiterated, it re-calculated the pitch inside the loop, so it was 300 ms plus 10-20 ms added to get the actual pitch shifter to track properly, and send a proper one-octave-above note back, and the second repeat was added on top and so it went on…longer decaying trails…instead of “pitch calculation” first and then went into the repeat/echo loop at 300 ms for all of them ….

Again thanks, I will not bother you more.