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OK Jbamber, thank you!

A lot of important news and answers for everybody struggling with synchronization over USB!

1. The H9000 does not terminate the Word Clock INTERNALLY properly. So Eventide will have to look into this. 

2. The H9000 comes with a TERMINATION PLUG that is 50 ohm. I don’t know about other Master Clock devices but the Apogee Big Ben requires a 75 ohm termination plug. I used another 75 ohm termination plug I took from another device in my setup and put on the H9000 T-connector and now the sensing led shows the H9000 PROPERLY TERMINATED. Yayyyy!!!! So, easy solution, do not terminate internally the H9000 but use a T-connector with a 75 ohm termination plug and you are good to go!

3. This one is HUGE. If you are on a Mac and use AGGREGATE DEVICES, make sure that the S/R of you Aggregate Device matches the S/R of the H9000 ALONE/SEPARATE that you can see in the available inerfaces’ list in Audio MIDI Setup. My H9000 (on its Own) was at 44.1KHz in AMS and the Aggregate Device was at 48KHz synced with Word Clock and there was no way to make it work even though everything seemed synced and locked. So, again, if you use an Aggregate Device you must match whatever S/R you are using with the Aggregate Device with the S/R of the H9000 that you will find separate in the list of I/O devices available in the AMS app.

Finally we got an undesrtanding and a workaround of this!

Thank you, everybody and Jbamber!