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Thanks for the quick response.  I will be sure to update the ticket as wel

Everything is working fine now.

It was odd as I installed one night on two machines, an older version of osx using hijack and the AU version of the plugin.  I had this issue with the preset and went to a windows 10 machine I was more familiar with, using the VST version of the plugin.  I also had the same issue.  It was very odd and through troubleshooting I removed both the input and output patches in the modules section.  While all modules went “dark”, I still had the plugin passing original audio with the level meters within the plugin showing a signal.

The next day I came back to troubleshoot some more and everything seemed to be working properly.  I blame gremlins, thanks for the effort!




tlongabaugh wrote:

Hi, sorry to hear about the issue. Unfortunately we aren’t able to reproduce your issue here. I saw you also emailed support, could you respond on that ticket with the following information?

  • What OS version and DAW are you using?
  • Are you using the latest version of the plugin?
  • Are you using the mono-in mono-out, mono-in stereo-out, or stereo-in stereo-out version of the plugin?
  • When this happens, are you scrolling through presets, loading it in the preset dropdown, or using the “LOAD” button in the plugin UI?
  • Can you send us a test session which exhibits this issue?