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Hey guys,


happy to be in the H9000 club!!


Here is what I got at the moment.


The emote is crashing Cubase. I am not sure which version emote should be installed. I originally installed Version: 1.1.5[2] but I was having issues (I think connectivity issues) so I went and installed

Version: 1.2.2[4]h9000 for mac and it seemed to be working fine until tonight when Cubase started crashing when opening the session that had an instance of emote happening in it.

So I proceeded to see if there was an update for emote and found 1.2.4(7)(0021ed6e1) and I installed it. Now the emote will not communicate with the h9000r and I can’t seem to uninstall that revision to go back to 1.1.5(2). Everytime I uninstall all the emote components then reinstall 1.1.5(2) emote still shows up as 1.2.4(7). I did hook up an ethernet cable and word clock today.


Anyway at the moment I dont have the unit operating.


Any suggestions?


Thanks vm,


Stephen DeAcutis