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floresp640 wrote:


Emote 1.2.4[7] installers: 

Emote 1.2.4[7] macOS: https://share.eventide.com/wl/?id=y8nWcan49pTtsDE3WUDntPiL1PTtEUWP

Emote 1.2.4[7]windows: https://share.eventide.com/wl/?id=eWsmpOO6uKmzfQ5mHKQUip4OzAjF7i68




HELP, the link to Emote 1.2.4(7) doesnt work anymore!

I had hoped for a smooth update this time, but unfortunately not again…


Can anyone point me in the right direction where i may get the correct Emote installers asap?