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wedelich wrote:

wdunning wrote:
Hi, I recently bought an H9 Core and have installed the Diatonic and Quadrovox algorithms. Pitch A in Diatonic and Pitches A & B in Quadravox are currently making no sound. This is regardless of the preset I use, the balance between the pitches I set or any other setting. Pitches C/C+D are working correctly. I have tried changing most of the pedal settings and everything else I can think of. Is there a fault with my pedal or am I missing something?

How is the pedal hooked up (physical cable wise)?  mono in mono out? mono in stereo out? stereo in stereo out? etc.  In any mono in case, if you accidentally plugged in input 2 instead of input 1 this exact situation would happen with those algorithms.  Have you double checked your setup? 

I’m having the same problem here. mono IN and stereo OUT. @wedelich can you help ??