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bohan wrote:

ahopeinhell wrote:

I was trying to connect the H9s from the bluetooth preferences screen in OSX. If that’s something you can do from within the Eventide desktop app I will try there instead.

Regarding screenshots, I can do that when I’m next in from of my music computer.

Yeah, please try that. You can connect to your H9 once you open H9 Control: “Manually select a device” -> “Connect via Bluetooth” -> choose an H9 and click “Browse”

After it connects, you can click “Devices” in the top menu bar and then click “Connect a device via Bluetooth” to connect to the second H9

Hi, I tried following your instructions from within the H9 control app on the Mac. Same behaviour I’m afraid, the first one connects OK but the second one will not.

I’ve attached a screen shot of trying to connect via the osx bluetooth preferences screen with the funky overwrite thing going on: