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Chuhyoung Cho



1) What I did

I bought a new memory card (512mb)

I downloaded v4 upgrade files on my laptop, and then copied it and pasted it in the new memory card.


Holding to tap on the 1 button, I turned on my eclipse with the memory card.

2) What I saw

Busy lights were on, Parameter was in EXT. The 2.04 message popped up. I stopped pressing 1 button and waited about 3 hours.

3) My expectation

Well, I just want to have additional presets in version 4, which looks really awesome.


PS) 9 pin cables are on the way




nickrose wrote:

The 2.04 message is what you would expect to see.

If you are having problems when following the “How to Update Eventide Rackmount Audio Units” from the Web Site, please give (for every step) full details of:

1) What you did

2) What you saw

3) What you expected to see