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Chuhyoung Cho

Hey Nickrose,

Thank you for supporting me. 

My memory card is like the attached, it is exactly the same to the download files.

I didn’t format my card and I think my memory card is fine.

But not sure my I cannot see romprog.exe in the panel. 

I can send you my upgrade video if you let me know your email address.

Otherwise I can try the upgrade with a 9-pin cable.

Please give me a little help to finish this.




nickrose wrote:

Just tried this on my Eclipse. What I saw was:

BUSY light off

“Loading romprog.exe …”

The message you mention: “Eventide Sofrware Update Utility V2.04″.

BUSY light flashes.

Upgrade proceeds.


So, if you don’t get the romprog message and the BUSY light stays on, this suggests that there is something wrong with the card or card files.

Not sure about the copying and pasting. Just copy the files from the computer to the card without creating any directories or messing with it, having deleted everything on it first. DO NOT FORMAT THE CARD.