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Home Forums Products Stompboxes How to get my TimeFactor presets into my H9? Reply To: How to get my TimeFactor presets into my H9?

bohan wrote:

axman53 wrote:

Actually, what I’m seeing is that a LOT of the factory presets also do nothing. I think I got a defective pedal.

Don’t worry, I think a factory reset will likely fix this issue.

Could you try powering up your H9 with big black knob and the right footswitch pressed and held?

If that didn’t work, could you please try reinstalling the latest software? This can be done with Direct Updater, which is bundled with H9 Control on Mac or PC. On Mac you can find it by clicking “Window” -> “Open Eventide Direct Updater” on the menu bar; On PC, you can just search “Direct Updater” in the start menu and you’ll see it.

OK, so I got the direct updater to work over a USB cable to my Windows laptop. The save presets thing finally failed and let me do the update without saving presets, which I didn’t need to do anyway. After the firmware reload, everything appears to be working as expected, including MY presets! WooHoo!