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plikestechno wrote:
Is the Tricerachorus super buzzy and digitally distorted for anyone else? Harmadillo and any other algos are fine but I get harsh digital distortion when I go to use Tricerachorus. Is it not 96k? I dont get a sample rate mismatch when I load it.

Does it sound OK at 48k/44.1k?  It's possible that the algorithm needs changes to work at higher rates, since it originates in the H9, which has a fixed sample rate.  We will look into this.

plikestechno wrote:
Also, I dont know if it’s always been this way as ive only recently tried it but i cant seem to use all four of my fxchains at the same time. I can set it up and pull algos in and out but no matter how i set it up audio wont pass. Regardless of I/O selected, the first three will pass and effect audio but when i try to send audio to the fourth chain it is silent in and out no matter when i send to it if i have three other chains going at the same time. I tried even with one algo on each of the other chains and it still wont pass audio or even show audio on the 4th. Is this normal?

This is not normal.  The four FX chains should be completely independent, so what's running on the first three should not affect the fourth.  What is the routing to/from the fourth FX chain?  What happens if you bypass the fourth FX chain, or use Direct IO to bypass the DSP completely?