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jbamberg wrote:

Does it sound OK at 48k/44.1k?  It’s possible that the algorithm needs changes to work at higher rates, since it originates in the H9, which has a fixed sample rate.  We will look into this.

This is not normal.  The four FX chains should be completely independent, so what’s running on the first three should not affect the fourth.  What is the routing to/from the fourth FX chain?  What happens if you bypass the fourth FX chain, or use Direct IO to bypass the DSP completely?

I was hoping another 96k user could check Tricerachorus for me as switching back down to 48/44.1k would involve changing settings on a bunch of things so I could monitor it through Dante as well. I run things at 96k and hopefully in time it can run at 96k and some of the 50 or so effects that are not 96k will able to be so at some point.

As far as the fourth FX Chain goes, I typically use Dante I/O with Cubase. I can load it up and swap blocks but no audio passes through.And my routing is fine as when I’m using fewer blocks it just works. I tried aes/ebu through to Dante as well and still got no sound in or our. I will try direct i/o and try bypassing an effects chain although Im pretty sure bypassing didnt work either.