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“so the part I need (I think) would come in the next section of the manual called “restoring presets and system settings….which basically says for us to choose a Sysex ID and exit”. 

none of this makes any sense to me.  i read that part in the manual and it tells me nothing.  i backed up my presets as instructed before i installed a software update via Direct Uploader.  I’m glad it made it so easy to backup – too bad it doesn’t  prompt a re-install.  my Timefactor is hooked to my computer with USB cable.  can i get these presets back on my Timefactor? i don’t use H9 whatever that is.  i tried using Direct Uploader via “update from file” but that didn’t work.  i searched the manuals and forums – this is the closest i’ve got.  Please help.