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bluedaniel714 wrote:

"so the part I need (I think) would come in the next section of the manual called "restoring presets and system settings….which basically says for us to choose a Sysex ID and exit". 

none of this makes any sense to me.  i read that part in the manual and it tells me nothing.  i backed up my presets as instructed before i installed a software update via Direct Uploader.  I'm glad it made it so easy to backup – too bad it doesn't  prompt a re-install.  my Timefactor is hooked to my computer with USB cable.  can i get these presets back on my Timefactor? i don't use H9 whatever that is.  i tried using Direct Uploader via "update from file" but that didn't work.  i searched the manuals and forums – this is the closest i've got.  Please help.  

You don't need to reinstall presets because the presets are not changed or affected by the software update. The previous presets should still be there. You can use H9 Control to easily manage and export/import presets for your TimeFactor.