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hemlocxl wrote:

Hoping someone can help with this one.  Installed my H9000R w/Dante Card.  It showed up at first in Dante Controller, but had "unresolved subscriptions".  I updated the Dante card  firmware using the Dante Firmware Update Manager, and now I got nada.  H9000R shows up w/Emote, but nowhere to be found on Dante Controller. I have the Dante on a dedicated switch in one port on my Mac Pro and the Emote controller is on another switch connected to the other port on my Mac Pro.  Any ideas?  I'm at a total loss here :(…  

Could you provide the version of the Dante firmware you installed, as well as the version of the Dante Controller app you are using, and the version of Mac OS, and we'll try to chase this down.

By the way, are the network link LEDs on the rear panel of the Dante expansion card on?

I recently had to update Dante Controller in my own setup to version 4.2.5 so it would work correctly on Mac OSX 10.15 (Catalina), so that might be worth a try.