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axman53 wrote:

I'm using the H9 Control app for Android and I have two H9s, one Max and one Core. The H9s are named TIME and MOD. Let's just talk about one for an example, TIME. I have a preset list named TIME Presets. Every time I tweak or add to the TIME preset list (working on the list stored to the pedal) and I save to tablet, it creates a NEW TIME Presets list and adds 1 to the list counter, so I'll go from L27 TIME Presets to L28 TIME Presets. And then I have to go back and delete the old preset lists to clean up. Why does it not OVERWRITE my existing TIME Presets list??? Thanks.

When you save your pedal list to H9 Control, it will create a new preset list, because the app can store as many preset/preset lists as you want.

If you want to just keep 1 preset list for your app and your pedal, you should edit the local list (L27) in the app. And then click "Save to Pedal" when you finish editing it.