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I am on a 2016 MacBook Pro with os 10.14.6. I have the latest firmware on both H9 Pedals and the latest version of H9 Control. H9 Control does not recognize the pedals and prompts me start in demo mode.

I can see the pedals in my Audio Midi Setup, so the Mac OS is recognizing them. It is not an issue with cables. I have reinitialized the settings on the pedals and it made no difference. Also, the Eventide Updater app sees the pedals. I successfully reinstalled the firmware on both pedals. So this is specific to H9 Control. Also, I have a Time Factor and Space pedal connected via USB and the H9 Control recognizes those.

I tried disconnecting all other peripherals to make sure there was no conflict with other hardware. I also trashed the H9 Control preferences in case those were somehow corrupted.

I tried connecting the pedals to an older mac laptop with standard USB A connectors and H9 Control works correctly. That older laptop is actually on a newer OS (since I don’t use it for music, I updated it).

2013 Macbook Pro OS 10.15.6 w/ older USB A ports works

2016 Macbook Pro Os 10.14.6 w/ USB C ports fails

So it’s either an issue with the newer mac’s USB-C ports (which require an adapter) or a specific issue with OS 10.14.6. 

My setup was previously working on the newer machine, which would seem to indicate that this is related to Mac OS 10.14.6.