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monads wrote:

I’m going to chime-in because I’m a little confused by this setup.  And there’s always different setups/scenarios/challenges.

I’m on the same:

OS- Mojave 10.4.6

Dante Controller 4.2.5

I’m not sure what audio interface you’re using and/or with Dante installed?  I do not have the H9000 w/Dante connected directly to my MacPro.  Instead I have a PCIe Dante card installed.  This is then connected to a network switch.  My MacPro is also connected via/Ethernet port to this network switch.   The H9000 w/Dante is also connected to the network switch.  I don’t have ANY issues when I launch Dante Controller recognizing equip.  Although sometimes Dante Controller forgets ‘saved’ settings.  I saved a default studio setup and it’s as easy as pie reloading Dante with the equipment ON prior to executing.  For me works flawless.    I LOVE Dante but there’s additional expenses to setup properly.

Are you using the Dante Virtual Soundcard??  Do you have a dedicated Dante audio interface and/or network switch???  Just curious and to help others looking to setup Dante properly in a network studio.  For me it was a bunch of literature reading and trial but I’m happy to share knowledge.

Everything is connected in Dante Controller.  Dante is on a separate switch, as I mentioned previously,  I My question now is how do I use Emote with Dante.  Absolutely NOTHING I am trying is working.  The routing in the Algorithms page in Emote makes absolutely no sense.  I can’t even get USB audio to work, because I can’t create an aggregate device with the H9000 and DVS without losing all audio.  

DVS is transmitting out from channels 17-32 to channels 1-16 on the H9000

H9000 is transmitting out from channels 1-16 to channels 17-32 on the DVS.  

All is green across the board.  So absolutely no idea how this routing works in Emote, because nothing I try works in either Pro Tools or Logic.  There are no clear instructions or tutorials ANYWHERE, argh…