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The TL;DR case for a dedicated FREEZE switch: 

  • Short-Med GRAVITY no DELAY no FEEDBACK (normal reverb base tone)
  • Tap FREEZE switch – capture a drone + dry signal overlay
  • Short-Med INV GRAVITY no DELAY no FEEDBACK (inverse reverb base tone)
  • Tap FREEZE switch – capture a fade-in + dry signal overlay
  • Deep INV or GRAVITY medium DELAY medium FEEDBACK (‘verb within delay line base tone)
  • Tap FREEZE switch – capture thick layers @ delay length + dry signal overlay
  • XXX GRAVITY long DELAY high FEEDBACK (long decaying delay-‘verb)
  • Tap FREEZE switch – capture a short phrase loop/’verb (-> 2 seconds) + dry signal overlay
  • Short-medium-long FEEDBACK
  • Tap FREEZE switch (in & out) – FEEDBACK level sets the fadeout time from FREEZE (sw) + dry signal overlay to base settings
  • FEEDBACK = INF – For example, layer up complex chords from single notes.
  • Tap FREEZE switch – Chord FREEZE background + dry signal overlay
  • Tap FREEZE switch – nothing.  There’s no signal in the delay matrix to FREEZE.
  • I see the FREEZE switch overriding any other value in the FEEDBACK / INF / FREEZE knob.

Now consider adjusting any / all of the combinations above with an expression pedal + FREEZE switch.  And I haven’t touched on the resonant EQ and modulation variations.  Or MIDI control.  I doubt I covered it all.

The short case for a momentary / latching action built in to the ACTIVE switch: 

  • Take any of the scenarios above (and more).  Momentary ACTIVE punches in the delay / ‘verb settings.  A global BYPASS of DSP+FX should get the trails you’re looking for out of this.  Other global BYPASS types will get you more of a gated, stutter effect.  Momentary ACTIVE can dynamically ‘mix’ into whatever ‘verb and/or delay / loop you have set up.