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Before connecting an expression pedal to the H9, make sure the Expression pedal is enabled in the H9,and that pedal calibration is not disabled. These settings are available in H9 Control. With all expression pedals that require a separate cable, always plug the cable into the expression pedal first, before connecting the other end ot the cable to the H9 to ensure that the pedal calibrates properly. Move the treadle heel to toe a couple of times to verify that it is working and calibrated to the H9.

  • I have tested the Ernie Ball VP Jr (250k version) with the H9, and it works. Connect a TS cable  from the "OUT" jack on the VP Jr to the EXP jack on the H9. The VP Jr 25k version is connected the same way.
  • The MOOG EP-3 works with the H9, but it requires a TRS cable connection. Also note that the switch on the bottom of the EP-3 must be set to "Standard". Finally, adjust the range knob on the EP-3 to maximum by rotating the control fully clockwise (toward the "toe" end of the EP-3)
  • the Line 6 EX 1 requires a TS cable. 

I hope you find this helpful.