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Relatively new owner of an H9000, replacing my H8000FW and Eclipse (which in turn replaced a DSP7000). I’m having some trouble with Emote 1.2.4[7] and the H9000 1.2.4 beta release and thought I should report what I’m encountering. I’m on Windows 10 x64 and Cubase 10.5. My PC is connected to the H9000 with an Ethernet cable; audio connection is ADAT to my RME Fireface UFX II.


The standalone version of Emote frequently crashes shortly after launch. I see the “Status: Connecting…” text and then the entire application window closes. Sometimes trying again helps, sometimes I have to reboot everything. During times that I can’t get Emote to connect, I can get Vsig to connect, so I believe the issue is not with the network connection but with Emote.


New problem that happened as I was writing these notes: after successfully connecting and making some edits with the standalone version, I closed that app and added the VST back to my Cubase session. (I had previously deleted it from the Cubase track to test whether another problem described below exists in the standalone version.) Emote crashed while attempting to connect and took all of Cubase down with it. Now I can’t reopen that session without crashing Cubase; I worked around the problem by using Cubase’s option to temporarily deactivate all 3rd-party plugins and then deleting Emote from the session.


The VST version has a problem with mouse tracking while making connections. When I make a connection between physical channels and algorithm connection points, the mouse-up event after making the connection to the destination point is lost, and the connection “wire” and connection point remain illuminated. In other words, Emote gets stuck in the connection-making mode. I have to click on a window other than any of Cubase’s windows to escape this mode; when I then change back to Cubase Emote and everything else respond normally to mouse gestures. This problem does not happen in the standalone version of Cubase.


Changing Sessions within Emote frequently crashes the app. If I change the Session with the H9000 front panel, Emote correctly updates and does not crash.


I’m happy to help by providing additional info, doing tests, etc. Thanks for your attention.