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studionebula wrote:

The standalone version of Emote frequently crashes shortly after launch. I see the “Status: Connecting…” text and then the entire application window closes. Sometimes trying again helps, sometimes I have to reboot everything. During times that I can’t get Emote to connect, I can get Vsig to connect, so I believe the issue is not with the network connection but with Emote.

Same here, I´ve got allot of random crashes (Both in the Emote plugin version and standalone) – And often it will take Studio one 5 down to. (and sometimes also the H9000R needs a reboot)

I´ve got the H9000R and today i made a sad decision. I will return it to Thomann (within their 30days return period). 

But I´ll be back when the firmware/Emote has evolved a little bit more, and maybe go for the full H9000. Cant wait, as i love everything Eventide.