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Eventide Staff
demed wrote:

The main problem, after the learning curve of understanding the mechanics of what you suggest is that there is no "undo" (I think?). Since the "drop zone" is quite small one thing that *always* happens at least once when moving presets around is that you either:

  1. drop the preset in the wrong place, not exactly in the drop zone (and the preset you were moving disappears)
  2. drop the preset on an another one (making that existing preset disappear)

There is an "Undo" button at the top right corner. See attached screenshot.

Yes, it does take some time to learn and I admit it could be improved. If you'd like to drop a preset to the grid without replacing any existing preset, you need to drop it between 2 preset blocks. The gap between 2 blocks will be highlighted if you move the mouse there.