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Kamurah wrote:

I use Dante instead of USB….but the setup *should* be the same.

Save the Eventide’s USB 1+2 inputs as the ‘main outputs’ of Ableton.

The other 14 inputs / outputs will be your sends.  Set up a direct I/O between USB inputs 1+2 and whichever output on the Eventide you want to monitor from.  An example USB 1+2 connected to Analog 1+2

This way, anything coming from your ‘main mix’ in Ableton will get routed through USB 1+2 to the Analog outputs directly.  

I do it this way only using Dante…where my main outputs of Logic (output 1+2) correspond to Eventide Dante input channels 1 +2.  The Dante input channels 1+2 are then routed directly to the SPDIF outputs.  From the SPDIF outputs I have headphone / monitor controller setup.  

Hope this helps.


This sounds great, I will try this tonight.  Many thanks!