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alex jones
andrewinthemane wrote:

Hey, old thread but I can share a possible solution.

Firstly, on the HX Stomp you could map the master output level (per preset) to one of the two optional footswitches (FS4 or FS5). Set minimum value to 0.0db and maximum to your liking (ex. +5.5db). Saves a block and functions as a clean, end-of-chain volume bump.

Alternatively, you could map the output level of the H9 per preset to an “expression stompbox.” This pedal basically functions like an expression pedal, but instead of a wah-style large footpedal, it’s just a small 1590A size stompbox with an input, output, a single potentiometer to control the maximum value of the expression and a footswitch to bypass/activate. Set the pot to maximum value and viola, you can map it as your own “hot switch” to control anything from output level only, or multiple parameters at once. LED/power not required to function, only if desired for visual confirmation of engagement.

TIP: this kind of “expression stompbox” can also be used with ANY pedal with an expression jack to provide an alternate setting, I once used one to add a second channel to a Bogner La Grange by setting the gain high on the pedal and then engaging the expression stompbox to pull the gain back down. Cheers.

I had considered both of these as options but the programming was cleaner to do it in the H9 as it works like a global setting rather than having to do it on every preset on the HX. I’m also already using every optional footswitch on the HX and I’m using 2 of the external footswitchs on the H9, you can only use 1 if you want to use an expression pedal.

I ended up going with a MIDI CC message from my Morningstar MC6ii controller. I would still prefer to use a hot switch if the option becomes available, just for the ease of having the button in the spot I want it.