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plikestechno wrote:
Well Im pleased and slightly bewildered to say that i could not recreate the problem with the fx chains tonight. I started with the same stereo source through to four sets of different dante channels then put different sources through each channel then finally reloaded my cubase project with the send/returns setup and everything just worked. Effected audio in out and back with bouncing levels on all four fx chains simultaneously. I also got excited when even tricerachorus worked, for maybe a minute, until it descended into the digital buzz of last night. So maybe it just doesnt like running at 96k for now. All other effects remain fine. Should i ever be able to recreate that fx chains issue i will make sure to forward the session along but yes tricerachorus still doesnt seem to be happy at 96k for me.


Has anybody else been able to confirm whether or not they can run Tricerachorus consistently at 96k? It would be nice to know if this is a common bug or if there is something specifically wrong with my unit. Thanks P