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Help !!

I recently connected my H9 to a MIDI controller (Disaster Area DMC-6), and now the H9 ignores the Autoplay fonction on the looper algorithm (which is a super rad feature I use all the time). What could be the reason for this? The preset is set up on Autoplay, but the H9 just decides to ignore it ever since I plugged it to a MIDI controller.

If that’s any help, the H9 is last in a midi daisy chain of three devices (namely: Empress Zoia, Line 6 HX Effects. and Eventide H9 as the last device). For a while, I thought that the two other pedals were standing in the way of the H9 and sending wrong MIDI infos… But it doesn’t seem like that’s what it is.

Anyhoo, thanks a lot to whoever can help me 🙂