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H9000 1.2.4 Public Beta


To all H9000 owners,



We are happy to announce that the H9000 1.3.0 beta is now officially available to the public. The 1.3.0 builds on the improvements from 1.2.4 public beta on both the H9000 and Emote.


Here are some changes to the H9000 (since 1.2.4) 

– Fixed a problem with MIDINOTE module

– Fixed a networking issue

– Fixed an issue with one of the Dynaverb parameters

– Fix a rare audio sync problem

– Make presets for distortion algs remember the Nominal Gain value

– Update all factory session presets, fixing fx chain names, routing problems, and session names

– Restrict tricerachorus at high sample rates


PTHD Expansion Card Beta Fixes

– Fix ProTools HD at 88.2/96k


– Fix some problems with ProTools HD card syncing to session clock


You should see this software release in your software updates window in Setup or in the devices page in Emote.



Here are some changes to Emote (Since 1.2.4)

– Improve the look and feel of Emote, removing much visual clutter

– UI performance improvements across the board

– Improve the layout and navigation of the sessions page

– Added a visual representation of fxchain containers, and the ability to rename those containers and their fxchains independently

– Changed resizing behavior to behave more naturally, and added independent zoom control

– Make plugin versions resizable

– Many various bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements


Emote 1.3.0[11]

OSX: https://etide.io/ZSw3w

Windows: https://etide.io/fDbuT



please contact me directly at pflores@eventide.com if you are running into any issues with getting this software up and running. 


Thank you so much for being a part of the Eventide family and happy beta! 




Patrick Flores

Eventide Audio