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It seems like the H9000 works ok with multiple instances controlling. I’ve definitely had the stand-alone and AAX one active at the same time and didn’t notice any errors.

I’ve made a mono Aux track template in Pro Tools that I recall for sessions with Emote as the only insert and all of the Functions mapped for automation. I then use a Window Assignment to recall the plugin window throughout the mix and normally just work with the one interface. For keeping track of the routing & what FX is on which send I add notes to the comments field on the PT tracks and so far have been running 2-3 stereo chains on the first three engines to allow for multiple FX and 4 stereo algorithms on the Fourth engine which are generally a 2016 and some delays that are more general settings for the mix. This is in my normal mix setup (the returns are all built in a template session and then I just delete any unused ones).

When using it ‘creatively’ writing all of that goes out the window and I’ll usually insert I/O directly on the track I’m working on.


Hope some of that is useful!