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I have a suggestion for the system….and it might alleviate some confusion.

Maybe make the clear delineation between H9000 FIRMWARE….and EMOTE SOFTWARE.  It seems a little fuzzy…especially since the H9000 FIRMWARE can be updated from the EMOTE SOFTWARE…..BUT>….the EMOTE SOFTWARE must be updated independently////and AFTER the H9000 FIRMWARE has been updated.

See what I mean?  Either make it so both the controller software AND the Firmware are updated SIMULTANEOUSLY from INSIDE Emote….or make it clear that EMOTE is the software….and the FIRMWARE for the H9000 is different.   It might also be helpful to put a popup that checks for Firmware / EMOTE mismatch…and says, “I see you have Firmware 1.3 installed in your H9000….but this EMOTE software is not compatible.  Would you like to update your EMOTE software to be compatible with Firmware 1.3?”

THAT…would turn this whole thing into a no-brainer in my humble opinion. 

That’s all I have to say about that.  🙂