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jbamberg wrote:
Well, as we like to say, it’s a simple matter of software.  One thing we’ve discussed is being able to run 2 algorithms per core if running at 44.1/48.  I think this is doable, although the synchronization can get tricky depending on how they are routed.  If the 2 algorithms were always paired in series, that would not be a problem.


How likely would you say you’ll be adding the possibility to run 8 algorithms on a single DSP when running at 44.1/48kHz clock speeds? That would make the world of difference. 

I know it’s already possible to combine some of the algorithms using VSig as mentioned here, but for example the H9 algorithms are not supported and I’m especially fond of many of those. Also, it would be much more user-friendly for those of us not necessarily having the time to learn the depths of the VSig editor. 

I can also see this being an awesome selling point and adding a lot more to the value of the H9000, as we would be able to really use the whole processing power of the unit. (In case I understood correctly from the thermal related conversation in the 1.3 public beta thread, the processors run at their full clocking speeds at all times anyway, so it would be good to be able to squeeze all out of them. .)


Now where exactly does this clocking trickiness (paired vs series) step in?

I mean would it be easier to allow running of 8 separate, independently I/O routed algorithms within a single DSP, or would this scenario come with the same clocking issues than running algorithms parallel, with combined I/O routing?

I would be more than happy even with only the possibility to run 8 independently routed algorithms within a DSP, as I have plenty of I/O with the MADI expansion.

Thanks again for any new info, and I must say I’m very glad to see the ongoing software development of the H9000 unit and Emote.

All the best.