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bsfreq wrote:

Now where exactly does this clocking trickiness (paired vs series) step in?

I mean would it be easier to allow running of 8 separate, independently I/O routed algorithms within a single DSP, or would this scenario come with the same clocking issues than running algorithms parallel, with combined I/O routing?

I would be more than happy even with only the possibility to run 8 independently routed algorithms within a DSP, as I have plenty of I/O with the MADI expansion.

Thanks again for any new info, and I must say I'm very glad to see the ongoing software development of the H9000 unit and Emote.


Without getting too deep into the details, it's not clocking synchronization I'm referring to, but synchronization of processing where the input of one algorithm is fed from the output of another.  The upstream one has to finish before the downstream one can begin.  (And if you have 2 that are mixed down, they both have to finish, etc).

Having 8 independent algorithms that don't feed each other makes it somewhat simpler, but that would add a different sort of complexity, as it would constitute a different "mode" as opposed to the normal FX Chain mode.

So, I think that ideally, we'd figure out a way to extend the current model so you could have 8 algorithms in an FX chain instead of 4, without restrictions on how they are laid out.