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Since I had started this thread and the topic is being re-activated, I can show you two examples of the ideal interfaces. The first one is the GUI of my SwitchBlade system, where each box and connections represent physical pedals and processors (it was based on my old H7600, I now have a H9000R).

The second one is a screen shot of the AxeFX III Editor which id a grid where you can place pedals, FX and amps etc…

I was hoping that the H9000 could “somehow” offer the ability to do some combinations of this type, serial, parallel and so on. 

Interestingly, I now wired my H9000R into my SwitchBlade (16 In and Out) in pairs of stereo blocks from Emote, so I have 4 stereo H9000’s, one for each FX chain. Then I can combine as I see fit in the SwitchBlade, but I may incur cumulative latency with in/out/in/out serial chains. 

My hope initially was to be able to get rid of the SwitchBlade although for now, I’m happy with it as it allows to put multiple pres and amps as well.

Hopefully that helps clarify some potential designs. I’d say the AxeFX grid is the most obvious