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Having both an Axe FX 3 and the H9000, I can wholeheartedly agree that (and no offense meant here) the Fractal GUI / interface is much more intuitive and arguably more flexible.    Obviously the ‘brick wall’ Eventide is hitting is the use / synchronization of 4 distinct DSP cores vs the 1 in the Axe FX.  By its design, the Fractal unit has the ability to route anything (input, chain, single effect, whatever) anywhere.  You can have multiple chains using the same outputs, sharing effects, or split the outputs.  You can run in serial, parallel, loopback, etc.  It really is so simple and straightforward.

If the brilliant minds at Eventide could somehow get a similar level of functionality…well…it wouldn’t necessarily be game over for Fractal because of the extensive Amp / Cab modelling on the Axe line and the cheaper entry price…but the H9000 would be elevated to another complete level IMO.  I think I read somewhere that Fractal initially started out with a goal of bringing a flagship Eventide-like device to the guitarists of the world at a more reasonable price….ironic.