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It’s clearly difficult to have to manage 4 independent CPUs with a user experience that would be agnostic to it to your point about the AxeFXIII only have one, which actually helps it’s more narrow scope.
I have decided to go back and keep my SwitchBlade (Just had it refurbished) in my rack so I can instantly via midi switching connect any analog input to any analog output of the H9000.
So I’m going to consider that the current interface is adequate at this point.
But what would be really nice is a good library of VSig super modules that are easy to connect and set parameters. Some sort of interface halfway between VSig and the current FX chain interface.
That would allow users to use more than the 4 algos per FX chain limitation as you could or peoductive in this easier VSig. Dunno just a suggestion but with my setup now I’m pretty good: